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Who are DBIJ Finance?


We are conscientious in what we do & how we go about our business. We maintain a high standard of compliance; we are professional at all times & follow strict privacy laws in ensuring we do not share any personal or financial information with any third party.


We research every lender in the market from a panel of more than 40 lenders that include Tier 1 to Tier 2 Banks & Tier 3 lenders as we are aware that every customer’s situation is unique & have individual financial goals, this mindset helps to source & tailor the right solution for every situation is, thus ensuring that the tailored solution matches each & customer’s financial goal.


We work intensively by stepping into our customers’ shoes to first understand their current financial situation using a Six sigma approach through our interaction thus enabling us to analyse their short and long term financial goals. From there, tailor a loan solution that not only matches their individual financial needs but also their identified goals. We want to ensure , we help every customer no matter what one’s situation is, we ensure we can maximise their interest saving, advice on how they can reduce their loan term contract without comprising their lifestyle thus releasing them from a mortgage prison.

Just For You

We treat every customer as the most valuable part of our business, we do what we say & ensure we do not overpromise & under deliver thus providing a customer experience that is of the highest standard, thus making us unique from the other finance brokers. Our Goal is to create long lasting relationships with our customers so that they become advocates of our business growth.

Understanding Your Needs & Goals to Create a Loan Solution, Just For You

Connect & Consult

Give us a call or send us an email We’d love to hear from you. Meet up with us face to face with all your supporting documents to discuss your short and long term financial goals and see what type of home loan suits your lifestyle expectation. 

You can chat with us from the comfort of your home or office via zoom to find a suitable solution for your finances.

Apply & Approve

We submit your home application with lender of your choice with all the information you provide and keep you informed through the process and outcome.

Sign & Settle

Once loan is approved, verification process is completed with all the information you have provided, loan contract are generated for you to sign & return. The signed loan contract are then checked by the lender’s settlement or draw down team, funds are then transferred and distrubuted to the account nominated by you on the day of settlement.

Celebrate & Be in Touch

You are at the heart of our business as we pride ourselves in building strong customer relationship through customer experience, staying in touch and celebrating your milestone of the settlement of your loan and keeping you updated with RBA changes and other regulatory changes to help you make knowledgeable decisions about your home loan to suit your lifestyle.

This is a quick note to say thank you to Suresh Rakheja, who helped us in obtaining a bank loan for our first home here in Australia. Suresh Rakheja is a very friendly loan broker, he’s passionate about what he does, he’s very genuine, has a massive load of experience, and he literally bleeds mathematics, and lifts the unknown in getting a bank loan.

This is a recommendation for anyone out there looking for their first home or worried about how to go about getting a bank loan for your first home. He not only will help secure the right bank loan for you, but also gives you genuine hints and tricks to help you reduce the loan period, significantly, by doing certain things…it’s almost like magic, really!

So, thanks very much Suresh!


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