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A Solution to Help You Enjoy a Stress Free Financial Life Style

With Australian personal debt skyrocketing in recent years & Christmas spending upon us, it’s likely 1 in 4 families will experience financial stress & drown under the weight of many loan repayments putting credit risk & managing debts challenging in 2019.

If this is happening to you, your family or friends, it’s important to know that you can help consolidate all debts into one easy, manageable repayment with DBIJ (Diligent, Bold, Innovative Just for you Financial solution’s). For example, recently we were able to successfully consolidate 12 debts for one couple!

The middle-aged couple with two dependents found themselves over-committed throughout the years, using unsecured credit to cover school fees, home renovations, overseas trips and some big purchases like a new car plus add Christmas spending’s. They were struggling to meet their monthly repayments for all of these debts, including their mortgage, which was in arrears due to a couple of missed payments.

After assessing their situation, we were able to consolidate all 12 debts and reduced their repayments by $1,515 a month!

As you can imagine, the couple (and DBIJ their mortgage broker) couldn’t have been happier with this solution!

At DBIJ, we work with you to reduce our customer’s debt into one easy, manageable repayment. We can help consolidate unlimited number of debts, including personal / car loans and credit card debts. Plus, we can pay out tax debts of any amount. Depending on credit rating the new tailored solution could be at home loan interest rates, so get in early before you have a negative impact on your credit rating.

So, for a stress free & consolidation solution, turn to DBIJ FINANCE PTY LTD ON 0422 094 831 or 1800 MY DBIJ (69 3245).


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