Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comparison Rate?

The comparison rate is a more inclusive way of comparing home loans that factors in not only on the interest rate but also the majority of upfront and ongoing charges that add to the total cost of a home loan.

What Does 'Pre-Approval' Mean?

Pre-approval for a home loan is an agreement between you and your lender that, subject to certain conditions, you will be able to borrow a set amount when you find the property you want to buy.

Why Should I Choose a Mortgage Broker, When I can Go to a Bank?

Why choose from one when you can choose from many banks? We work with a variety of lenders and can find a competitive and reliable loan package available.

  • Choice: Is your bank going to tell you if another bank is cheaper? Are they going to tell you if another lender’s products suit your needs?
  • Complementary consultation: Most of our clients pay nothing for our consultation. For a list of situations where we will charge, please contact us.
  • Level of service: Did you know that mortgage brokers consistently outrank bank managers in customer satisfaction surveys?
  • Keep it simple: We will take the hassle out of applying for a loan. We’ll deal with the banks so that you don’t have to!
  • Expertise: Our mortgage brokers have a much higher level of training and experience than bank lenders.
  • Specialised lending: Your bank cannot go outside of their lending policy but we can choose a lender that can approve your loan!
  • Annual reviews: Did you know that the banks can change your rates after your loan is advanced? We will check to make sure that your loan is still competitive.

Many people approach their bank directly and either get their application declined or miss out on a more competitive discount. Don’t make the same mistake! Speak to a mortgage broker who will offer you more than just your bank’s own products.

How Can We Be Sure You'll Recommend a Suitable Loan?

It is a common misconception that mortgage brokers recommend unsuitable loans for their clients to try to maximise their incentives. The reason for this is that prior to the regulation of our industry in 2010 there were a few unscrupulous mortgage brokers which gave the rest of us a bad name.

We recommend several suitable loans for you and then let you decide which one you would like to apply with. In fact, as a holder of an Australian Credit Licence, it is against the law for us to assist you with applying for an unsuitable loan.

How Does Applying For a Loan Work?

Our mortgage brokers do all of the hard work. All you will be required to do is fill out the application and supply the required documentation. We can then complete a preliminary assessment and give you some options to choose from.

Once we know which lender you would like to proceed with then we lodge the loan online directly into their system for processing.

We Don't Live in Victoria. Can You Still Help Us?

Our mortgage brokers help people in Victoria and inter-state. We have approved loans for customers in every state and territory, from small regional centres to large inner-city suburbs. We can even help people overseas who want to invest in Australia!”
Disclaimer: Subject to lenders terms and condition and eligibility criteria apply.