About US

The Benefits of Organising Your Finances with DBIJ Finance

Do you feel like you are being sold a product rather than receiving a service of help, guidance & advice? Are you tired of waiting days for your calls to be returned back? Does your adviser even remember your name? Does it seem like you’re getting an off-the-shelf product or advice? Do you feel that you are treated like a number & not as a valuable client?

Unfortunately, the answers to each of these questions are commonly, “Yes.” DBIJ Finance have an alternative approach. One that may seem all too uncommon – we take personal responsibility of your Finances & the services we offer.

What We Do

We provide advice across the entire spectrum of finance, buying, upgrading, investing, with specific expertise in SMSF’s lending & off the plan purchase without any cash deposit but with Deposit Guarantee, owner construction or Fixed price construction through registered builder.



Why We Do It

As the ranks of ‘independent’ advisers grows, DBIJ Finance continues its proud tradition as one of the first and consistently independent, fee-for-service Tailored Mortgage Solution provider.


How We Do It

We offer a comprehensive, ongoing portfolio management service of your tailored mortgage solution, including identifying how you can maximise your savings, banking, reduce the term of your mortgage by 50% thus saving you time & money as we are customer focused.


After a long draw out process with one of the four major banks it was a breath of fresh air to land in the hands of Suresh who was recommended by a friend.

At first, I was sceptical dealing with a broker outside of a bank but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first time meeting Suresh my partner & I felt comfortable and there was no pressure to proceed with DBIJ Finance. In the initial meeting he took us through everything. From refinancing our current investment property to a new loan we needed to secure for our second property, things the banks never took the time to explain. All of this was done in his own time over a Saturday with no guarantee that we were going to proceed with his services.

Once we agreed to proceed with DBIJ Finance it didn’t stop there, he made everything seamless taking the stress away from securing a loan. Multiple options where presented to us and he kept us well informed throughout the whole process.

After going through the process I could not recommend DBIJ Finance highly enough. Suresh is a very trustworthy broker and genuinely wants to help his client achieve the best result. We will recommend DBIJ Finance to all our family and friends and continue to use them in the future.


Start Focusing on What you Really Value

Our aim is to inform and empower you, through help, guide & advice. Thus implementing a tailored mortgage solution that works for you & with you towards your identified financial goals. If you value spending time with your family, travelling, or progressing with your career, we use our experience to help make things easier for you.

We do this by ensuring that YOU are at the core of our philosophy. One that focusses on YOU, Your family and Your finances. Who doesn’t want to protect and nurture what they value most?  Secure their family’s interests both for the short or long-term and grow their property? Or reduce their mortgage repayments or shave years of their mortgage?