Business Finance

Whether you have found your dream car or would just like to find out what is going to fit your budget, DBIJ is here to help. You can also apply for a conditional pre-approval for finance that is valid for three months. With this conditional pre-approval, you can then search for the right vehicle knowing you have the ability to purchase.

To calculate your estimated repayments, try our calculator to determine the repayment amount for your next vehicle. If you would like to discuss this with a consultant or apply for a conditional pre-approval just click “Apply Now” or give us a call 1300 MY DBIJ.

Types of Finance

Plant & Equipment Finance

A Quick, easy and even low-doc loans with finance leases available from $5,000 on a computer system or a Coffee Roaster to a $100,000 CNC milling machine.  All of this available with easy terms and conditions to suit everyone on or off the balance sheet.


Business Finance

Cash-flow is king.  If you’re in need of a short term finance to help you grow your business, then ask us how. A Quick, easy and simple process…..



SMSF Finance

Keen to grow your capital wealth by leveraging off your Superannuation balance, either to buy residential or Commercial property, Ask us how we have a panel of lenders who will offer a competitive structure, interest rates along with fees to help you buy one… 

Car or Motor Finance

A Quick, easy and even low-doc loans car finance available from $ 5000 to $200,000 on new and used Motor Vehicle whether it is for personal or Business whether you are PAYG or Self Employed, with or without residual Balloon.


Motorbike Finance

Heavy Machinery Finance

New or used trucks and trailers are our speciality as these available on quick turnaround times, we entertain low-doc  or private sales options.


Marine Finance

Whether it is a jet ski, a boat, or even an outboard, boat and trailer all in one, whether this is for personal leisure or business we have all this covered with our panel of lenders who will make this possible at a competitive rate.


Aircraft Finance

Aircrafts of all ages and designs can  be funded.  Let us know your need and we’ll tailor a solution designed specifically for you.



Is your balloon or residual lease due soon?  Are you looking to refinance your asset for a better rate?  Contact us now and we can advise your best options available to you.


calculating my credit score

Business Loan

Choosing the right business loan can be the game changer of any small business. Whether you are looking for a loan, overdraft, line of credit or the perfect interest rate – it is important to make the most informative decision, providing you with the tools to define your own personalised shortlist. We understand time is money – we work with a panel of lenders who have set conditions and as far as you comply with these conditions a business loan can be organised in less than 3-4 working days.


Knowledge Base

What is a Chattel Mortgage?

A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial car finance product. Under a Chattel Mortgage a finance company lends money.


What is a Novated Lease?

A Novated Lese is a vehicle lease agreement between you, your employer and a finance company. Novated Leasing is also known.


What is a Consumer Loan?

An amount of money lent to an individual (usually on a non-secured basis) for personal, family, or household purposes.


Financial Lease?

A Financial lease is an arrangement between the lessor (owner of the asset) and the lessee (user of the asset) whereby.