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How we helped a client get approved for the loan he wanted after being declined by a major bank

How to get a loan approved after getting declined

It’s one thing when the banks say no to a borrower with an “out-of-the-box” scenario as we don’t live in a perfect world along with the fact that there are events that occur in anyone’s life that one cannot control, but what happens when an everyday event that occurs & one of the clients request to borrow funds gets turned down?

Recently we examined a scenario my client had approached a major bank to apply for a loan solution as the borrower was seeking a loan of $550k to purchase another property as they had considerable funds held in their savings account, but despite his clear credit history, the bank would only lend him $325k.


how to get a loan approved after being declined

how to get a loan approved after being declined

We captured the borrower’s circumstances in one of the many banks servicing calculator, in the same way as they had been given to the bank, to see whether we would be able to help him.

We discovered that not only did he have more borrowing power with us, but his loan could be serviced with a lowest Interest only Loan at an interest rate of 4.09% comparison rate 4.47%*).

Simply put, it was our flexible solutions which allowed us to reach this outstanding outcome for the borrower.

The borrower had been in his job for four months and incurred several shift penalties during this time. The lender on our books do accept 100% of this extra income type, where the banks don’t, and we support customers with short-term employment. Additionally, we were able to look at this borrower’s living expenses through a more realistic lens and take actual repayments on his investment property.

Next time any borrower who is affected by tightening lending appetite of the majors or other banks as each banks have their own set of rules and regulations around treating many of the incomes which could be detrimental or robbing you of an advantage of growing your investment portfolio & want to take advantage of the changes in real estate market, we assure you off finding a suitable solution, as “DBIJ Finance” has a panel of 35 different lenders to choose from and tailor solutions accordingly, given our core value is “We don’t work with lenders who pay us high commission or focus on commission” but to ensure we are able to help every client given an individual situation, as we have not declined a single loan till date i.e. 100% strike rate.


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