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Invest in Your First or Next Property

Are you looking to invest in your first or next Property, here are some rules to consider:

As of mid-October just shy of five billion dollars was on loan to Australians for investment properties. While this is considerably shy of the heady $8b on loan in 2016, the needle is starting to swing back up as Aussies take advantage of low interest rates to bolster their portfolios.

Money magazine has compiled a great article outlining their rules for investors to live by when looking for the next property:

  1. Timing is everything
  2. Location is still paramount
  3. Look beyond your home state
  4. Crunch the numbers
  5. Measure performance against goals

Of course everyone’s idea of which ‘rules’ to follow is different, if you are keen to know more about how you want to take advantage in the current market for a complimentary no obligation discussion give us a call for limited time 0422 094 831 or support@dbijfinance.com.au

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